2019 Bend Spring Training Camp May 24-28

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2019 Bend Spring Training Camp May 24-28


Join us for an unforgettable experience

Our CBCG camps are legendary! Whether you are an experienced racer or just starting out, you'll feel right at home. By the end of camp, we'll have you feeling like a pro! Just like last year, Wattie Ink. is our title sponsor, hooking up all campers with a Bend-Camp-Unique custom aero cycling jersey and providing ride support.

5-Day/4-Night Camp:
Friday, 5/24 Through Tuesday, 5/28

  • $1745

  • $1645 for current CBCG athletes

    Registration is refundable until 2/1/2019. After then but before 3/20/2019, we can refund your registration if we find a replacement for you. After that date, kits are ordered and we can no longer find replacements, and registration becomes non-refundable.

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For eight years we've given athletes a jumpstart on their summer fitness, while providing a communal and supportive environment.

5-Day/4-Night Camp:
Friday, 5/24 Through Tuesday, 5/28/2019
$1745, $1645 for current CBCG athletes

Just like our Tucson Dream Camp, the Spring Training Camp is a five-day, four night experience: Friday, May 24th through Tuesday, May 28th. Camp will push the limits of your current fitness while feeding you well, body and mind.

At camp, you will experience:

  • Long bike rides, to the Crooked River, McKenzie Pass, or Mount Bachelor, all fully sagged and supported by vehicle.

  • Pool sessions at Bend's Juniper Swim and Fitness, an outdoor 50-meter Olympic-size facility.

  • Fartlek, Interval, Hill, Track, Tempo, and Long Runs in and around Bend's excellent trail system.

  • Massage and support from professional soigneur Kurt Marion

  • Visits from professional athletes. Bend is home to three top-20-at-Kona athletes, and we always score a few of them for an evening or two.

  • Lectures from the CBCG coaches and outside experts on a variety of subjects: training nutrition, swim technique, mental skills, recovery practices.

  • Housing in beautiful rental homes, provided by Bend Vacation Rentals.

  • Food cooked by Aaron Vinten of The Athletes Table, a former professional cook and current professional food blogger.

Also included, a Wattie Ink. custom aero cycling jersey AND aero triathlon shorts unique to the Bend Camp.

You, too, can #rocktheW with your very own custom kit! Check out all the coordinating pieces you can get to match!

One thing you should know: camp is hard! 
Either of the options will push you to your limits. You should be able to do the following before coming to camp:

• Swim 800-1000 yards without stopping.
• Ride 40-50 miles at a moderate pace without stopping.
• Run 5-7 miles without stopping.

The work will be volume-focused, with specific sessions that are more intensity focused. Swim sessions will be slightly more technique driven, but will incorporate more endurance training than last year, with a healthy does of open water skills and drafting practice in the pool.

Schedule is flexible, and any information below is subject to change! We provide this as a basic idea for what you can expect, but we don't actually publish a firm schedule ahead of time, helping teach campers to be prepared for anything (just like in a race, hint, hint...)



11 AM arrival at BASE CAMP, drop bikes, say hello!
1 PM Swim at Juniper Pool
4 PM Ride or Run
7 PM Dinner/Camp Overview/Orientation


Possible Routes: Prineville/Crooked River, Mount Bachelor
Runs off bike


Long Runs in Shevlin Park, Sisemore Road, Phil's Trail
Red Mist Swim Session
Recovery Rides


Mount Bachelor or Mackenzie Pass
Runs off Bike
Departure Dinner at Worthy Brewing


Tempo Runs in Phil's Trail Complex
Open Water Practice at Juniper Pool

Out of Houses by 12 PM
Camp wraps up by 2 PM


All workouts are fully supported. Rides will always have at least one vehicle (two vehicles when we have both camps running concurrently), with fluid, food, mechanical support, and directions. Training nutrition will be provided to you in the character of drink mixes, bars, gels, and recovery products.


Weather is changeable in Bend! It could be hot! It could be very cold. Basically, bring everything, and be prepared for cooler riding conditions: a good cycling jacket, warm riding cap, arm warmers, knee warmers, gloves, booties, and baselayers are a must!


A note about lodging: we rent beautiful houses from Bend Vacation Rentals, and those houses come with many different rooms in different configurations. We would LOVE to be able to give all of you your own room, but that's just not possible. Some of you will end up in single rooms, some of you in doubles with a roommate. We know, from past experience, that people who do have a roommate often describe that as the highlight of their experience. We would also love for you to be in Base Camp with us, or close by in the neighborhood, but the houses we get are the houses we get! We cannot promise any kind of housing to you, but know that we are doing our best to give you the best possible experience.