2019 CBCG Carlsbad Swim Camp


2019 CBCG Carlsbad Swim Camp


Tune up your swim for 2019

Come join us in Carlsbad, California, for one of our CBCG Swim Camps. You’ll get four sessions over two days and classroom time to learn more about yourself as a swimmer. We videotape you and give you a full video analysis, test you for both optimal stroke rate and critical swimming speed (CSS) pace, and tell you how to set up your swimming week when you get back home. You’ll be swimming with greater efficiency and ease in the water, and your triathlons will improve, both in your swim split AND how fresh you feel upon getting out of the water.

  • 2-day camp, March 23-24th, 2019

  • FOUR sessions over two days (you’ll be tired, but faster!)

  • Classroom session for stroke analysis

  • Video analysis of your swim stroke

  • Critical Swim Speed (like threshold power on the bike)

  • Great training in the nearby Carlsbad Hills

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We’ve been running camps for a decade, and we know how to send you home faster and happier.

The swim is the most technical aspect of triathlon, more akin to golf than cycling or running, we like to say. Without knowing what you’re doing in the water, there’s very little you can do to improve it. When you come to our swim camp, you’ll get:

  • A detailed video swim analysis, like this one

  • An understanding of your Critical Swimming Speed (CSS), which is similar to FTP on the bike or threshold pace on the run

  • A sense of what stroke rate is best for you

  • FOUR sessions over two days: a technique/videotaping workout, a harder tempo/threshold workout, an “open water in the pool” workout, and a “specific endurance” style session, equipping you with the tools necessary to train effectively on your own

  • The opportunity to ask CGCG coaches questions about swim technique in a seminar-style classroom

  • Sessions at the beautiful Alga Norte Pool in Carlsbad, California

  • A chance to beat the gloom and cold in other parts of the country and train in the winter sun


SATURDAY, March 23

7:30 AM Arrive at Alga Norte Pool, Carlsbad CA
8-10 AM Session A: Videotaping, Threshold Testing, Stroke Rate Testing
10-12 PM Break
12-2 PM Session B: Specific Swim Type Technique Session
2-6:00 PM Classroom Time: Video Analysis, Swim Types


SUNDAY, March 24

8-10 AM Session C: Introduction to CSS Swimming
2:30-4 PM Session D: Open Water Skills in the Pool