Chris Boudreaux


Chris Boudreaux put up an impressive 8:18 at Ironman Florida in 2013, and a 3:54 at Vancouver 70.3 in 2014. He placed in the top ten at many professional races in the past decade, including 3rd at the Challenge Atlantic City iron-distance, 6th at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead, and 9th at Ironman Coeur d’Alene and Rev 3 Cedar Point iron-distance. A native of Baton Rouge, Boudreaux competed in Division I running at LSU. He subsequently lived in San Diego, and Victoria, BC where he trained with the likes of Simon Whitfield, Hamish Carter, and Torenzo Bozonne, before settling in Portland, OR with his wife Sarah. In Portland, he took over and grew Athletes Lounge, consistently named one of the top five triathlon shops in the country, as well as putting on The Portland Triathlon, named one of the "20 Best Triathlons in America” by Men’s Health.  After retiring from professional triathlon in 2015, he now focuses on intense Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, the shop, his boys - Jack (7) and Bennett (4), and coaching.


Boudreaux has coached athletes to Ironman Kona World Championships, Boston Marathon, and Ultraman podia. In keeping with the CBCG philosophy, he radically diversifies his approach depending on each athlete's unique goals and capabilities, pushing them to their maximum potential with a realistic and healthy plan. He's just as likely to be found crouching for hours on the side of the pool drilling struggling swimmers as he is crunching numbers for those heading to world championships. Cognizant that listening is key to every coach-athlete rerlationship, he capitalizes on his decades of experience in both team and individualized sports, as well as his "homework," reading-up on the latest coaching theories, athlete biographies, and inspirational stories that satisfy his ceaseless drive to learn and improve. 

Racing career highlights:

3rd overall, 2014 Challenge Atlantic City Triathlon, 2014 (8:40:56)
2nd overall, 2014 Subaru Vancouver Half Iron (3:54:53 PR)
1st overall, 2014 Race for the Roses Half Marathon
6th overall, 2013 Ironman Steelhead 70.3
9th overall2012 Rev 3 Cedar Point
11th overall 2013 Ironman Florida (8:18:30 PR)

Portland, OR

Sports Coached:
Open water swimming