Your chance at a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Kick off this season by training with Heather Jackson, 3rd place at Kona 2016 and Wattie Ink. Professional Triathlete, in Tucson, Arizona—Triathlon's Southwest Training Grounds.

2017 Wattie Ink. Tucson Dream Camp with Kona 3rd pLace Heather Jackson

We take our camps to the next level, returning to where it all started: tucson, arizona.

5-Day/4-Night Camp:
Friday, 3/10 Through Tuesday, 3/14
$2250 for current CBCG athletes

Heather Jackson and I met at a pro camp in Tucson years ago, and then spent each subsequent spring suffering on rides, runs, and swims around the city's legendary training spots: Mount Lemmon, Madera Canyon, Pistol Hill, Cactus Forest, Saguaro East, U of A, The River Trail. This is your chance to do the same, training with Heather in the places that set the foundation for her Kona podium this past October. Not only do you get to train with HJ, you get the benefits of our usual amazing camps, such as:

  • Fully sagged/vehicle-supported bike rides, to Madera Canyon, Mount Lemmon, and Saguaro East National Park.
  • Pool sessions at Ventana Lodge, coached by Chris Bagg, head coach for the US Masters group at Nike World Headquarters.
  • Video-analysis of your swim stroke, with a personalized video you take home with you after camp.
  • Track, fartlek, and tempo runs, supported by your coaches on bikes, in and around Tucson's great running resources: River Trail, Cactus Forest, Powerline.
  • A Wattie Ink. custom aero cycling jersey, unique to the Tucson Camp.
  • Massage and support from professional soigneur and mechanic The Sag Monkey
  • Visits, lectures, and workouts from professional triathletes. Tucson is a hotbed of pros, so we're sure to get some big names.
  • Lectures from the CBCG coaches and outside experts on a variety of subjects: training nutrition, swim technique, mental skills, recovery practices.
  • Housing in beautiful, well-appointed rental houses, so you feel at home.
  • Food cooked by CBCG head coach, Chris Bagg, a former professional cook.


One thing you should know: camp is hard!
Either of the options will push you to your limits. You should be able to do the following before coming to camp:

• Swim 800-1000 yards without stopping.
• Ride 60-80 miles at a moderate pace without stopping.
• Run 5-7 miles without stopping.

The work will be volume-focused, with specific sessions that are more intensity focused. Swim sessions will be slightly more technique driven, but will incorporate threshold and speed-work as well, with a healthy does of open water skills and drafting practice in the pool.

Schedule is flexible, and any information below is subject to change!



FRIDAY, March 10

8 AM breakfast at Base Camp
9 AM trip to TriSports for last minute needs or bike assembly
12 PM swim at Ventana Lodge Pool—Videotaping and Threshold Testing
2 PM back to houses
3 PM Day One Run: Fartlek/Shakeout: Trader Joe's on North Campbell
6 PM Carnitas Tacos and Vegetarian Tamales and Thunder Canyon Pairings
7 PM Camp Overview/Orientation
8 PM Chat with HJ: How To Survive (and Thrive) during Big Training Blocks


Day Two: Madera Pass, depart from Pima Community College, Transition Runs at the College
Afternoon Massages by the Sag Monkey
Tofu Coconut Pumpkin Curry and Thunder Canyon Pairings
Evening Chat with HJ: Kona Preparation and Execution

SUNDAY, MArch 12

Day Three: Threshold Training, Ventana Lodge Pool
Long Run on the River Trail
Afternoon Massages by The Sag Monkey
Evening at TriSports: Swim Analysis and Swim Types Lecture
Heather Jackson's Favorite Pork Belly Mac and Cheese (vegetarian versions available) and Thunder Canyon Pairings

MONDAY, MArch 13

Day Four: MOUNT LEMMON, Transition Runs
Afternoon Massages by The Sag Monkey
Final Night at Thunder Canyon Brewery


Day Five: Drafting and Contact Practice, Ventana Lodge Pool
Track Workout at Pima Community College
Shuttles to Airport :(


Weather is changeable in Tucson! It could be hot! It could be very cold. Basically, bring everything, and be prepared for cooler riding conditions: a good cycling jacket, warm riding cap, arm warmers, knee warmers, gloves, booties, and baselayers are a must!


All workouts are fully supported. Rides will always have at least one vehicle (two vehicles when we have both camps running concurrently), with fluid, food, mechanical support, and directions. Training nutrition will be provided to you in the character of drink mixes, bars, gels, and recovery products.