Tucson Dream Camp: Two Days Left!

This Could Be You This March, Training Alongside Heather Jackson...

This Could Be You This March, Training Alongside Heather Jackson...

Camp is closing! Yes, we need to get started making the custom kits you'll be wearing alongside Heather Jackson in Tucson, Arizona this March. This camp is going to be incredible; not only do you get HJ, who finished 3rd at Kona this past fall, you get Rachel McBride, Sean "Wattie" Watkins, Amy VanTassel, and a few other special guests. But it's not just about who you'll meet, it's more about what you'll do. Camp will provide a big boost in your spring fitness, basically getting you an extra week or two of fitness while removing any other stressors in your life. For five days, live like a pro!


Speaking of which, you might be wondering how you'll get your bike to the 2017 Inaugural Wattie Ink. Tucson Dream Camp.

You're in luck! Our key sponsor, TriSports.com is offering campers an awesome deal on renting a high-end tri bike for camp. Or, if you'd rather ship or travel with your own ride, TriSports.com is also offering bike assembly at a special price.  

Don't forget the other killer events we have lined up with TriSports.com during camp: a tour of their home base, gear talk by the legendary Seton Clagett, swim analysis session in their endless pool area, various hand-ups and swag, and a special wetsuit try-on and shopping time just for us!

So register here with only two days left for the 2017 Inaugural Wattie Ink. Tucson Dream Camp. In addition to your own custom Wattie Ink. kit featured below, you'll get to enjoy nightly beer pairings from Tucson's finest craft brewery and our camp closing party!  Make your dreams come true in sunny and warm Tucson with CBCG, Wattie Ink., and TriSports.com