CBCGYM Opens Today

CBCG Head Coach Molly Balfe Working in the CBCGym

CBCG Head Coach Molly Balfe Working in the CBCGym

CBCG is proud to announce the #CBCGym Summer Schedule! Starting on August 2nd, join us for the following classes and get faster, happier, and healthier for your training and racing lifestyle. Check out the below schedule for a description of classes, and instructions on how to sign up now!

Weekly Classes

Monday Morning Routine

We are thrilled to offer a CBCGym exclusive class that combines 40 minutes of the “basic strength you never do,” 10 minutes of heart rate variability breathing, and 10 minutes of journaling. Start your week off right by joining the ranks of high achievers who are using morning routines to clarify and achieve their goals! You will need a journal for this class.

Tuesday/Thursday Spin

Come take on some high intensity intervals in a fast-paced class designed to make you stronger and faster on your bike. Challenge yourself with workouts designed to create breakthrough performances—all while listening to tunes with your friends!

Friday Evening Restorative

End your week with a restorative class that uses elements of Yoga, Kinstretch®, and functional movement. Unwind your stress and unlock your body to stay strong and prevent injury.

Open Gym

Is it possible to have the coaching and individual assessment of a personal trainer with the community and price point of a group environment? What about with the flexibility, open hours, no set time, and structure of a gym membership? Yes—that’s within reach, and Daniel Silver’s Open Gym is just that. Come in, meet with your coach about your goals, go through any specific assessments, get added to our system, and you’re a member of the team. From there, you are able to sign up for any open gym hours each week. Your training program will be provided and explained, and your coach will be there at any open hours to help you through your program. You’ll sign up for one, two, or three sessions per week, depending on your goals, sport, and times available to train.

$99/month – one weekly workout (four sessions/month)
$150/month – two weekly workouts (eight sessions/month)
$175/month – three weekly workouts (twelve sessions/month)

You can also use two class passes to attend an open gym session if you do not have a subscription. Single drop-ins will be $30 each.

Personal Training

If you would prefer one-to-one strength training, schedule a session with one of our strength coaches! Contact us for pricing and availability.

How To Sign Up

Both Class Passes and Open Gym subscriptions can be purchased on our website. We ask that you sign up in advance for specific classes to ensure your spot. To register, just click on the class you want to attend and fill out your name and email address. If you have class passes, click “Redeem Coupon or Package.” If you need to buy more, click “Pay Now.”