Athlete Report: A Big Kid Playdate at the Ultimate Playground

Kirk at the top of Madera Pass, somewhere near Nogales

Kirk at the top of Madera Pass, somewhere near Nogales

by Kirk Lacko, CBCG Athlete

"Hey looking forward Camp?" "Umm...I’m so friggin stoked I can’t keep the lid on my jar of #campawesomesauce from last camp!” Remember Summer Camp as a little kid? Well CBCG Camps are really no different as a big kid, save for the, you know, hours of grueling training. As a three-time CBCG camper about to embark upon my sixth, I continue to prioritize the economic and time commitment, since each one keeps getting better in terms of social, emotional, and training benefits. Invariably, the first day has defined one of the most special times at Camp. It’s a super-charged atmosphere, with peeps with whom you will laugh, sweat, cry (yes, cry), and envision dreams turn into reality. I liken it to the first day of school, only coaches= teachers, and campers = classmates. It’s thrilling!

Infinity X Infinity (training benefits)

The benefits of camp are 10 to the power of 10, 100, 1000 or maybe even infinity (remember infinity x infinity as a kid?). It’s impossible to gauge just how insanely beneficial camp can be...that is, until you need it most. Strategically placed as an early season jump-start, or at critical juncture of your season, 100- mile days in the saddle, painful 800-meter interval runs, or 400 time trials in the pool pay huge dividends later, especially as stacked-up workouts.

Case and Point (confidence on race day)

It’s incredible just how much confidence camp can deliver on race day. Case and point: I participated in the Inaugural Wattie Ink. CBCG Dream Camp in Tucson, training alongside pro's Heather Jackson and Rachel McBride. Three weeks later I competed in my first race of the season at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside. In the past, during tough moments in an early race, I'd slide down the slippery slope of negative questioning, wondering if I had ridden long enough, or run hard enough. Fortunately, not only did Camp mega-boost my early season conditioning, building endurance and increasing run-off speed, but it totally reinforced my mental advantage and competitive edge. Check! Check! Check!

Nice Rack!

Only at CBCG Camp can you meet great people, make lasting friendships and walk away with the highly coveted “Nice Rack Award,” or make the “Game Night” podium. Every day at CBCG Camp you learn through informative coach and guest pro talks on everything from race nutrition, to recovery, to mental prep, in addition to having a TON of fun. Speaking of nutrition, CBCG Camp meals are prepared by head chef, doubling as head coach, which is to say an awesome coach that can seriously cook: Chris Bagg. His high-quality and lovingly cooked meals are equally pleasing to the palette and MyFitnessPal. I’m sure you’re still wondering how one receives the "Nice Rack Award," so I'll divulge that it was partly because I purchased a sweet new Thule bike rack using a killer discount during our exclusive shopping spree at the retail store. The other part is Amy VT’s (pro-triathlete and Bagg’s wife) sparkling imagination regarding too many indie jokes that occurred during Camp to cover sufficiently.

Little Kids Become Big Kids at Camp

By now you should recognize a resounding theme regarding why I keep investing in Camp. Kids who grow up to be triathletes simply become big kids at Camp. During my most recent experience at Tucson Camp, I got to swim, bike, and run with Heather Jackson, the 3rd place woman at Ironman Championships in Kona last year, solidifying Camp as a big kid playdate at the ultimate playground. It's not always easy to schedule the time off or make note economic investment, but it's' so invaluable to my trading in and solicsl life that I'm heading to my fourth Camp in Bend, OR this month, and I'll keep coming back, which will keep this big kid a Happy Camper for years to come. See you at #CampCampCamp.

8000 feet! Top of the Mt Lemmon climb

8000 feet! Top of the Mt Lemmon climb

Bend 2016 Camp Update: Beer Parings, Ride With GPS, Powerbar, TYR, Nuttzo

Camp is almost exactly seven weeks away! How did that happen? Regardless, we've still been working steadily to make the experience awesome, and here are some highlights.

Beer Pairings!
Two local breweries, Deschutes Brewery and 10-Barrel Brewing, have offered to pair their beer with five nights of food at camp! Here's what you'll be sampling along with our trademark amazing food:

  • Friday, May 27th Carnitas Tacos and Vegetarian Tamales with Deschutes Brewery Hop Slice Session IPA
  • Saturday, May 28th Coconut Pumpkin Curry and Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter
  • Sunday, May 29th Pork Belly (and meat-free) Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese with 10-Barrel Sinistor Black Ale
  • Wednesday, June 1st Roast Chicken with Beets and Sweets and Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale
  • Thursday, June 2 Pork Green Chili with 10-Barrel Joe IPA

Ride With GPS
All joking aside, someone does usually make a wrong turn at some point during camp. We haven't lost anyone yet, but this year we're taking things a step further. Ride With GPS, a Portland-based route-planning company, is offering everyone at our camp a premium membership for the month, through their club option. You'll be able to download routes ahead of time to your bike computer, watch, or phone, and navigate no matter if you have cellular service or not!

Powerbar is back! Nuttzo Nut Butters, and TYR Sport Join as Sponsors
I'm very pleased that Powerbar is returning as nutrition sponsor. We'll be well-outfitted with bars and gels all weekend long. Nuttzo Nut Butters, an awesome and conscientious company, will be providing every single participant with a 16-oz jar of their incredible product. We'll be using it in some of our dishes, too, so you'll get to see it in action. Finally, TYR Sport is providing a set of Mentor Hand Paddles for everyone at camp.

Not yet registered for camp? We'd love to have you. There are 5-day and 10-day options, and you can register here, via Athletepath.