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At CBCG, we work collaboratively to benefit our individual athletes, so when you sign up with us, you gain access to the collective experience of our coaches. Each week we discuss our athletes, their successes and their struggles, and find solutions together. This way, you know that your coach is never working in a vacuum. He or she is constantly bouncing ideas off of the other professionals in the company, crafting a schedule that fits one athlete: you. We believe it's the way coaching should work: one athlete, many insights, great outcomes.



Many times we hear the question "So what's your program, your philosophy?" It's a great question, but one best answered by the reply "It depends." Every athlete is different, and will travel a different path to success than his or her peers. Certainly, we aim to build an athlete's aerobic ability through higher volumes at lower intensities, but that's a sensible place to start for any kind of endurance sport. Our philosophy, then, is that we listen to you and craft a plan that suits your life, your goals, and your abilities. Our goal is to have you succeed each and every day that you work with us, taking little steps that bring you to your ultimate goal.

Coaching Plans

The one-to-one program is our only level of coaching, and the athlete gets what I get from my coach (that seems fair, right?). We limit our client load at this level to keep the quality of their services extremely high.


  • TrainingPeaks account

  • 45 minute phone call per week with your coach

  • Unlimited e-mail contact

  • Detailed race plans sent to you by the Wednesday of race week

  • Three weeks of training per block

  • Mental Skills Work

  • Race Day Nutritional Planning

CBCG Athlete Bill of Rights

1) Your coach will never be sarcastic with you. You and your goals will be treated with the utmost respect.

2) You'll get three weeks of training at a time, and your program will be written on the Friday before the next three weeks runs out.

3) You'll be treated like a professional athlete. Are all our athletes pros? No, of course not. Do they deserve to be treated with the same care and attention as professionals? Yes, of course they do.

4) Your coach will be available for 30-45 minutes of phone conversation per week.

5) Your coach will support you in the "Go Fast, Have Fun, Be Nice" mission.

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