Daniel Silver


A PNW native, Daniel Silver has been a strength and performance coach for over a decade. In joining Chris Bagg Coaching Group he is excited to be able to add his services to a great performance team. He believes that a strong, well rounded, endurance athlete will also be the most successful and healthiest endurance athlete. You will often see him with his son, Davin, who is a pretty fantastic athlete himself.


Daniel’s philosophy in working with athletes starts with several basic principles.

  1. Communication and intent is integral to an athletes success

  2. The best program is one in  constant assessment to meet the day to day and week to week needs of an athlete.

  3. Everything has a purpose. Time is often short for endurance athletes. Training has no place for wasted time on workouts that do not have a strong foundation in scientific backed evidence and basic logic.

  4. Enjoyment and consistency matter more than anything for long term success.


Portland, Oregon


BioForce certified conditioning coach
FRC mobility specialist
NSPA certified speed and agility coach
FMS level 2
Hybrid Athlete Certified Coach

Sports Coached:
Strength and Conditioning

$100 / hr for personal training
Prices vary for Open Gym memberships