Josh Sutton


Josh grew up playing ice hockey and other team sports, yet fell in love with triathlon in 2012. Perhaps it was the appeal of a supportive and inclusive community, or maybe the ability to geek out on training plans, data metrics, and gear. Most likely all of the above. Accordingly, Josh is heavily involved with the local triathlon community, fulfilling roles as a team coach and board member (VP) for Tri Team PDX. Josh has competed in multiple full and half distance Ironman races, regularly finishing near the top of his age group. He’ll be competing the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa in September of 2018. After 15 years as mechanical engineer in the medical device industry, Josh (along with business partner Chris Bagg) opened Output SpeedLab, a bike fit studio in NE Portland.


A natural analytical thinker, Josh has athletes begin with identifying clear, achievable goals. Stretch goals are great, but they must still be tangible! Developing a macro plan comes next, with a priority given to working on the biggest roadblocks in the way of achieving the goals. While it’s important to be very mechanical and consistent with endurance sport training, Josh recognizes that the key to success is focusing on the individual as a whole: to include both mind and body. A happy and motivated athlete is a successful athlete.

Racing career highlights:

Ironman Vineman 2016 (10:35)
Ironman Victoria 70.3 (4:42)
Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2018 Qualifier
3X Wildflower Finisher
Escape for Alcatraz 2016 

Portland, OR

Certifications / Qualifications:

  • USAT Level I Coach

  • GURU Range of Right Bike Fitting Certificatin

Sports Coached:

$300 / month for multisport athletes, $250 /month for single-sport athletes