Molly Balfe


Molly has been an athlete since she first pulled off her water wings in 1986 and joined her local USS team. She has been competing in triathlons for nearly a decade, and enjoys taking on new and different races - her current favorite is Bermuda’s Round the Sound 10K Swim. A firm believer that access to sport participation is a critical need for young people, she spent a year providing free swim instruction and water safety for New York City public school students. She currently works with schools in Oregon and Washington to increase physical activity and improve nutrition for students and staff. 


Molly is passionate about triathlon as a lifestyle. Time and distance goals are great motivators, but what keeps people in this sport is a genuine enjoyment of training and racing. She is committed to helping athletes find a balance that pushes them to exceed their goals without sacrificing their overall happiness.  Her coaching career began New York City, where she coached for Team In Training, Asphalt Green, and JackRabbit Sports. She enjoys working with athletes of all ages and ability levels. A lifelong swimmer, she specializes in helping athletes improve their form and gain comfort in the water. She currently coaches for Portland’s Tri Team PDX.

Racing career highlights:

USAT Level II Endurance Certified Coach
Tri Team PDX Coach
10+ years of group and individual triathlon and swim coaching

Portland, OR

Certifications / Qualifications:
USAT Level II Endurance Coach
Swim Smooth 3-day Coach Course

Sports Coached:

$400 / month for multisport athletes, $250 /month for single-sport athletes