Nutritional Services


What’s Happening with your food?

One-on-one nutrition coaching is for anyone wanting to eat better, exercise smarter, manage stress, improve sleep and recover faster. Nutrition coaching is for anyone trying to take better care of themselves and enjoy living actively and healthily. 

The focus of our coaching sessions is determined by your needs and goals. Coaching is designed to strategically help you improve your eating and exercise habits – all within the context of your own life.  There are no cookie-cutter or fad diets here! You will learn how to build specific habits that will create results that last.

Part One: Initial Assessment ($100)

First, we’ll meet with you, ideally in person (or via videoconference), and go through the following steps:

  • review of 3-day food diary

  • review of medical history

  • overall nutrition assessment 

  • individualized goal setting

  • guidance on meal planning

  • basic nutrition education 

If that’s enough for you, then you’re good! You’ll leave this session with a greater understanding of how to manage your daily nutrition, and you’ve taken an awesome step to better health and improved performance. If you need more, though, then we’re on to part two…


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Part Two: Ongoing consultations

We offer two routes, here: a monthly subscription for three-, six-, and nine-month periods, or a set number of follow-up meetings that you can schedule at any time with Remy. During your meetings, you’ll review your progress and cover the following:

  • review of habits, goals and progress

  • nutrition education

  • guidance on meal planning 

  • advice for navigating obstacles

Monthly Subscriptions

  • bi-weekly follow-up meetings that cover the above topics, keeping you on target for three, six, or nine months, coaching you to lasting change in your nutritional habits.

  • $200/month for three months, $190/month for six months, and $180/month for nine months (subscription costs are in addition to the initial assessment)

  • Unlimited email and text support

Meeting Packages


Whether you need a hand to get started, reenergize your workouts, break out of a rut, or simply get some new ideas for meals or a boost of motivation to keep going – this package is for you.

  • 1 initial assessment   

  • 2 follow-ups


Tired of the all-or-nothing approach to a healthy lifestyle? Are you ready to figure out how to incorporate better eating habits into your daily routine? With this package, real progress can be made creating good habits and making them stick. 

  • 1 initial assessment

  • 5 follow-ups


You’ve been working hard at staying healthy and fit and are ready to add the next piece of the puzzle to your life – then pick this package to dig in and get the information, motivation and support you need to feel your best.  If you are committed to creating a healthier lifestyle this option is for you.

  • 1 initial assessment

  • 8 follow-ups