Individualized Coaching

Chris Bagg Coaching marries the perfect training plan to the individual athlete. Taking into account your sporting goals, lifestyle, work, travel, and other commitments, CBCG coaches build a plan designed to bring you success and happiness all at once. We craft training programs completely tailored to your needs, staying flexible and readily available to you.

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Individualized Coaching

Chris Bagg $400 / month for multi-sport athletes/triathletes, $250 / month for single-sport athletes

Molly Balfe $400 / month for multi-sport athletes/triathletes, $250 / month for single-sport athletes

Donna Phelan $400 / month for multi-sport athletes/triathletes, $250 / month for single-sport athletes

Josh Sutton $300 / month for multi-sport athletes/triathletes, $250 / month for single-sport athletes

Remy Maguire $300 / month for multi-sport athletes/triathletes, $250 / month for single-sport athletes

Juliet Hochman $300 / month for multi-sport athletes/triathletes, $250 / month for single-sport athletes

Caitlin Hudson (Run Only) $175 / month

All coaching packages require a one-time set up fee of $75

What You Get:

• Fully customized, totally flexible training program, written in three-week blocks, based on heart rate ranges, wattage (power), perceived exertion, or pace, all suited to your particular strengths and weaknesses

• 45 minutes of phone time every week to go over workouts, annual goals, race plans, work/life/training schedule, and to let your coach know how you're doing!

• One one-hour swim analysis session and accompanying swim video with your coach's comments

• Premium TrainingPeaks account

• Fully individualized race plans, with process, outcome, and mental goals; race day nutrition planning; and pace/effort prescriptions

• Discounts at CBCG training camps, and partners such as BlueSeventy Wetsuits, Output SpeedLab, Pioneer Power Meters, the CBCGym, and others


One Time Consultation

Chris Bagg $115 / hr

Molly Balfe $115 / hr

Donna Phelan $115 / hr

Josh Sutton $100 / hr

Remy Maguire $100 / hr

Juliet Hochman $100 / hr

Caitlin Hudson $100 / hr


No set up fee

What It's For:

• Goal setting and review

• Season planning

• Data/Power/HR analysis

• Event and performance analysis

• Training plan analysis

• One-to-one workout at the location of your choosing

• 60 minutes minimum

Since I’ve started working with Bagg, my values, beliefs, and ideology regarding the sport of triathlon (and life) has transformed beyond my wildest dreams.
As a coach, confidant and friend I have come to inherently trust what I call “DLG” – direction, leadership and guidance from Chris as I make unparalleled gains through unparalleled times.
— Kirk L.
His coaching makes my family very happy - in the past, my sports conflicted with my family life. With Chris as my coach, I am more grounded in all aspects of my life - work, family, & training.
— Cindy W.

A La Carte Services

Swim Analysis

Make the change your hard work and dedication deserves by investing in our most premium and internationally acclaimed service: a Swim Smooth 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session.

A Swim Smooth video analysis consultation is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why your performance might have plateaued, or if what you're doing in your swim training sessions is the most efficient way for you to improve personally. 

Mental Skills Training

Your coach will work with you utilizing mental skills training methods, giving you assignments and checking in on your progress; weekly sessions may include visualization practice, imagery discussion, accountability. The mental skills work will have you functioning at your sharpest for all your events, and will begin showing up in your non-sporting life, too! 



Bike analysis

If you're not comfortable, you won't be powerful. Head Coach Chris and Assistant Coach Josh Sutton opened Output Speed Lab this year, aiming to make cyclists faster through comfort and position optimization. You'll go home  understanding how your position needs to change to minimize drag and maximize propulsion.

Diet analysis / Meal Planning

Interested in improving your intake, so you can optimize your output? Through diet recall and analysis of what you're already eating, we can build you a daily program to navigate the complex nutritional world, and also give you a plan to make you faster on race day. 

CBCG Athlete Bill of Rights

1) Your coach will never be sarcastic with you. You and your goals will be treated with the utmost respect.

2) You'll get three weeks of training at a time, and your program will be written on the Friday before the next three weeks runs out.

3) You'll be treated like a professional athlete. Are all our athletes pros? No, of course not. Do they deserve to be treated with the same care and attention as professionals? Yes, of course they do.

4) Your coach will be available for 30-45 minutes of phone conversation per week.

5) Your coach will support you in the "Go Fast, Have Fun, Be Nice" mission.