Whenever people ask me what I do for a living, I say "I'm a P.E. teacher for adults." The answer often elicits a laugh (and usually further inquiry), but I think it's the right answer. When I was in high school, I loved gym class (strange, I know). Gym offered a respite from the stresses of my day, a chance to relax, compete, have fun, and maybe even improve my fitness. Was I cool? No—being the teacher's pet in P.E. will not endear you to your fellow teenagers. Did it help keep me sane? Certainly.

20 years later, and I'm trying to recreate the same experience for endurance athletes at Chris Bagg Coaching Group. My triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, rowers, and skiers are all bound by the same goal: to become faster, happier, healthier people. It's an ethos shared by all the coaches at CBCG, and nicely wrapped up in our motto: Go Fast, Have Fun, Be Nice. We think that keeping these three principles in sight at all time lead to strong performances and happier lives.


I am starting my 3rd season training with Chris and am in the best shape of my life. Chris has succeed in developing a consistent regimen for me which builds fitness while avoiding injury.
— Christopher
In my 1st season working with Chris Bagg, I accomplished every one of my goals for the year. I not only completed my first Ironman in my stretch goal time, but I enjoyed every minute (no, really) and smiled the whole time (no, really). Couldn’t imagine training/racing without his guidance.
— Doris
I knew Chris as a fellow pro and friend before I began working with him as one of his coached athletes. It’s been one of the smartest moves I’ve made for my progression as a triathlete. His knowledge base is immense and multi-faceted, and has helped me to make the most of limited training time.
— Andrew
Chris’s emphasis on quality over quantity has helped me maximize the 6-10 hours per week that I have available to train. His strategic approach, adaptability, and careful balance between being data-driven and understanding how his athletes are feeling has allowed me to stay fit and healthy, fitting it into the puzzle of other important parts of my life including a job with lots of unpredictable travel and becoming a new mom.
— Emily

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Go Fast.
Have Fun.
Be Nice.